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Your people are your company’s greatest asset and what 2020 has shown us all is that their wellness is paramount. Wellness is not just about ticking a box; it is about doing what is right and demonstrating the importance and value of that asset within your organisation.

Now more than ever, when the only regular point of contact with the outside world maybe through online chats with colleagues or managers, companies have a moral responsibility to be able to identify and help an employee when they are struggling.

We know you want to do the best for your people by weaving wellness into the heart and soul of your company, and you can only do that by understanding what they need and delivering it to become part of the Culture.

Why work with ProAction HR when there are so many others adding wellness programmes to their services?

Our wellness consultants have a combination of qualifications and first-hand experience which means we never offer the ‘one size fits all’ option because we know it doesn’t take into account that each and every one of your people have individual and varied needs. We are genuine when we say we value and care about your people as much as you do, and we want to help you to help each and every one of them to be the best, healthiest versions of themselves, which in turn means they are part of a happy, fulfilled and productive team.

How do we support you?

Having identified that Culture, Compassion, and Collaboration are paramount to meeting the wellness needs of employees, we are able to provide an independent review to discover and document how these three C’s are met within your organisation, and provide clear guidance on how to address each one. We will tell you the truth, even if that truth comes with challenges. We work with you to discover the right wellness strategy for you, your budget, your people, and your business.

Looking after the wellness of your most prized asset, your people is an investment guaranteed to create an inclusive & positive culture, increase productivity, and improve staff retention.

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How do we do this?

Wellness Checkpoint


This is a half-day session where we engage with a selection of yor employees to ascertain their perspective on the current levels of wellness within your organisation.

To demonstrate our commitment to wellness of staff in the UK, we would like to share the cost of this Wellness Checkpoint with you. 

We are currently offering this at a reduced rate at £350. 

Book a discovery call with us below to find out more and take advantage of this offer.

Wellness Calibration


A full evaluation engaging with all your staff to review how wellness is addressed within your organisation.

Our wellness and occupational psychology professionals use methods tailored to fit your business. This could include our calibration tool, an anonymous online set of 30 questions for all staff; focus groups where your people can discuss their experiences; or 1-2-1 in-depth interviews.

There are many options and your organisation’s needs will guide the approach we take. We then provide a detailed report  following our 3 C’s approach.

Delivering Wellness Programme


Once identified, we collaborate with you and your people to implement the most suitably tailored wellness programme for all. 

Programme delivery can include:

Delivering your Wellness programme

Once identified, we collaborate with you and your people to implement the most suitable tailored wellness programme for all. Delivery can include:

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Bespoke, strategic change management aligned with both your business and employee related objectives. We challenge you to ACT not react and then deliver the people change your business needs in order to succeed.  
We Deliver People Change

A unique combination of HR expertise, business acumen, process implementation and skilled management allows us to offer consultancy to suit your specific HR requirements.
Tailored to the changes taking place in your organisation. Helping your people to develop resilience and allow them to manage the start of a new direction both positively and effectively.

Client Testimonials


We were given a superb mentor who helped me to develop my skills as a manager. He was always a reliable sounding board for new ideas and always had a fresh perspective that helped make my own thinking about personnel and recruitment multi-dimensional.

Danny Rosewarne Group Organisation Development Manager, Spectris Plc.

ProAction HR has provided fantastic support to Spectris over the past three and a half years. During this time, Spectris has evolved its strategy and operating model, resulting in a leaner, more efficient structure at our group headquarters. ProAction HR has been invaluable during this time. Providing in depth consultancy and on-the-ground support during the restructuring; delivering change management projects and high-quality outplacement services to those employees effected by these changes.

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