We action people change. We deliver people strategies that help you take action, enable people and move forward.

We believe that the hidden costs of bad people strategies, or inaction, stop too many businesses from growing. We bring expert advice, hands-on management and experienced people who will transform your HR practices and people skills, saving you time and money.

We’re not here to create lots of powerpoints and models. We’ll talk to you, your key leaders, your HR team and a range of your people and identify the issues that are holding you back. We’ll then work with you tackle them. Using our ACT method (hyperlink) we come and work inside your business and get to see what’s really happening.

We’re commercially-minded. For us HR is not about tea and sympathy – we support good people but not at the expense of the business.

We think HR is strategic not an admin function – we’re not here to outsource everything just to save costs. We’re here to get your organisation future-fit by working with the right people.

We get stuff done – we don’t hang about, we know you want something to change and we help you do it properly.

Our Approach

We support:

  • Transformation or Turnaround
  • Business restructure or re-organisation
  • Planned and unplanned growth
  • New product or market opportunities
  • Leadership behaviours and competence
  • Improve attrition rates
  • Legislative or economic change
  • Mergers and acquisitions

We do:

  • Benchmarking HR performance
  • Leadership Team assessments/coaching
  • Organisation design and restructures
  • Building business or change cases
  • Culture and people process design
  • Defining/planning HR transformations
  • Building HR project/team capabilities
  • Project managing people changes

We provide:

  • HR or Transformation Directors
  • HR Business Partners
  • Change Project Management
  • Training & Internal Comms
  • Organisational Design
  • HR Process Owners (e.g. resourcing, reward, performance management)

Usually, the additional support consists of mock interviews against specific opportunities, coaching around choosing the right opportunity, package negotiation, and also coaching around the first 100 days in the new role, although content is always driven by the needs of the candidate.

Outplacement – the Gold Standard

Mergers, acquisitions and restructures are becoming the norm rather than the exception in corporate life. If, as a result, you are embarking on a career change, at this stage the stakes are high and your next career move is critically important.

If you’re thinking about a move to another corporate role, contracting, starting your own business or looking at moving into a board or non-executive director role we can help with the right support and coaching to take you to the next stage in your career.

The Gold Standard

Our gold standard consists of an outplacement report, a three and a half hour face to face initial session at a venue of your choosing plus 8 hours’ additional support. Self awareness is one of the key foundations for choosing the next most appropriate role, and to this end you will be offered the opportunity to complete a personality profiling tool (GPI’s Career Counselling Personality Report) prior to the initial consultation. This report illustrates your personality, and provides suggestions on possible career pathways, based on your inherent traits and cognitive abilities, which are likely to influence both your performance on the job and your ability to acquire knowledge and skills needed to reach performance.

The initial 3.5 hour session is about ensuring you:

  • Explore, understand and acknowledge the psychological issues you may be experiencing,
    as well as how to manage these
  • Embark upon an exploration, analysis or re-working of your personal brand, including how best to articulate and reinforce this
  • Understand how best to remain effective throughout your job search
  • Understand how to access the ‘hidden’ job market
  • Understand what your ‘ideal’ opportunity would be, and how to recognize it, (this to include a review of the Personality Report)
  • Consider exploring other areas of career interest in parallel with the central job search
  • Understand how best to tackle virtual interviews given the Covid situation
  • Leave with a detailed action plan that will be the foundation of your success

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