This is my first blog entry – ever! I’m not writing this to tick a box, or to generate business contacts, I write this to share a passion, to impart what I know, so that the general wellness of people may be improved.

I embrace wholeheartedly, the change in emphasis, how the mental health of all staff (and I say ALL, as even the toughest CEO will have some anxieties) is acknowledged to apply 24 hours a day and is simply not paused during working hours.  There is also the cycle, of how much of people’s wellness stems from work, as much as people’s mental health impacts their working day.

The Government has launched a number of initiatives over the past 10 years, encouraging companies to sign up, and shift the health and safety initiatives at work to encompass the psychosocial aspects of working life.  What was a nice to have, has become more of a corporate social responsibility, should have.

But as a Psychology graduate from the 90’s, I can never help but refer back to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, and how basic security (food, house) is the base level of which all other needs leading to self-esteem stems from.

I look forward to continuing the journey of considering all of the individuals within an organisation, acknowledging how each one counts and addressing the challenge of how individual needs can be met by a collective.