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ProAction HR put the people at the heart of what we do and nowhere is this more evident than our flexible Outplacement Programme. We’re the outplacement support in Bournemouth that actions people change. Always with a commercial focus and a drive to create proactive change for the benefit of your company, we are equally focused on seeing employees as people, and managing their experience at what can be a distressing time.

Our Outplacement Programme ensures that each employee who is facing a period of significant change in their life, is supported with human support and compassion. This ethos is designed to help individuals feel more in control of their future and give them the tools to create a plan that is tailored to their unique needs.

Offering an individual, tailored approach to each individual, our flexible outplacement programme recognises that a ‘one size fits all’ solution will leave many people without the skills or support they need to move forward after redundancy. The experience of our team is utilised to match the needs of your company and your people and can be tailored to provide executive level coaching, or an employee-based workshop. Rest assured that our support is provided personally, delivered compassionately and professionally.

In an initial Next Steps coaching session, and with the provision of an outplacement psychometric report, each person will have the opportunity to identify where to focus their efforts to take the best next steps to suit them. They then have access to a range of career coaching or self-development options to choose from.

The outplacement offering has been very well delivered, providing a thoughtful, personal and very practical experience for our people. Participants’ feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and the quality of the career coaching and general counselling has made a real difference to people who are going through this difficult transition in their careers. The real proof of the quality is that employees have heard from their colleagues how beneficial the outplacement service has been, and this has been hugely valuable in helping us support our people during this time.

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How does it work?

Your business purchases credits and distributes these as you feel is most appropriate. The credits form a balance to be used over a set timeframe, usually six months from when the individual first attends the initial Outplacement session.

We advise that the minimum credit level per employee is 75, which allows each individual to choose a basic Outplacement package.

This is just one example of how the credits could be used for an individual

Initial Next Steps Coaching session + Outplacement psychometric report + additional modules, such as:
How to Use LinkedIn workshop
Interview Methods workshop
CV Review and Feedback

Courses can be delivered face-to-face or online. Most are deliverable to groups of four or more participants, or via individual 121s

The range of options come in two categories designed to be tailored to suit non-management to executive board level individuals

Career Coaching


The focus of these options is to offer both career guidance and the practical steps to allow an individual to proactively secure their next role. Includes:



The focus of these options is on the development of additional skills to support an individual in giving them a better opportunity to secure their next role. Includes:

Client Testimonials

Danny Rosewarne Group Organisation Development Manager, Spectris Plc.

Proaction HR has provided fantastic support to Spectris over the past three and a half years. During this time, Spectris has evolved its strategy and operating model, resulting in a leaner, more efficient structure at our group headquarters. Proaction HR has been invaluable during this time. Providing in depth consultancy and on-the-ground support during the restructuring; delivering change management projects and high-quality outplacement services to those employees effected by these changes.

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