Identifying ways to introduce a culture to improve staff retention

Staff attrition can have a real impact on the bottom line of a business. According to Glassdoor* the average cost to hire is £3,000 in the UK, with an average of 27.5 days to manage the whole recruitment process, which is resource pulled away from their day to day work, which also has a detrimental impact on productivity.  One area that can greatly improve staff retention is an inclusive culture where individuals feel valued, heard, respected, and considered. One such example is when we worked with Thomson Local, which had 650 staff and high attrition, especially in the area of sales. Our initial brief was to manage their HR activities and seek ways to reduce the cost of the operation and also improve their staff retention. We used our tried and tested ACT process to support Thomson Local to successfully move to a culture that saw much less staff attrition.

Outcomes of the Thomson Local project:

  • Staff turnover in telesales reduced over 9 months from 100% YOY to 60%.
  • In field sales, turnover reduced by 33%.
  • Staff understood the direction the business was taking and the value they could give.

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