Best HR Consultancy & Transformation in Bournemouth

Businesses change and grow when they act, not react.

We’re the HR Transformation company in Bournemouth that actions people change. We work with CEOs, MDs, FDs and COOs of mid-sized businesses and advise, manage and resource the strategies that will change how people work for your organisation.

This enables you to exploit new products, marketing opportunities or ways of working – whether that’s driven by legislation, new market opportunities or simply a new business strategy.

About Us
  • Expert Advice

    We’ll assess your HR and leadership teams, culture and people processes for future-fitness

  • Active Delivery

    We can project-manage the people changes you need to deliver your strategy successfully

  • Proven Resources

    We provide experienced people for key roles to speed up your transition

WHAT you get when you work with us

Reduce the time spent on wasteful activities or tasks that anchor you to your old business model.

Address the indirect costs of bad management practice and wasted resource.

Make people or legislative changes the right way by working with experts.

Access multi-disciplinary resources at the same time and get traction for your new strategy more quickly.


Unlike hiring a new HRD or outsourcing your HR function in Bournemouth, our people focus on the consistent actions that will embed the skills and people practices you need to grow. We do right by your people and your business and bring you solutions not more problems. So you can start to act, not react. Which means you save time, reduce hidden costs, minimize risks and move forward faster with your future business plans.

  • Commercially minded: Not tea and sympathy – we support good people but not at the expense of the business.
  • Strategic not admin: We’re not here to outsource everything just to save costs. We’re here to get your organisation future-fit by working with the right people.
  • Get stuff done: We don’t hang about. We know you want something to change and we help you do it properly.
  • We believe in people: We treat them with respect and make sure they have the right environment and tools to succeed.

Our Values

Our Purpose & Mission

Competitive Positioning

Why Us

Our 3 Step Method: A C T, Don’t React

Assess your HR, Leadership and wider team skills, processes and culture

Create a people plan, org design and processes that fit with your future business

Transact the change with you and your team providing experienced resource where you need them

Contact us today and get started