How many apples are in your HR basket?


If you run a small business, especially with the impact of Covid on so many sectors, you might be tempted to hold fire on any investment in the HR related aspects of your business.

If you are not large enough to have a dedicated HR person or department, your approach to this area of managing your business may well be the minimum required. After all, your managers can probably hire, terminate, and performance manage their employees without assistance from HR – especially if you only have a small team. Right?

This may not be something that your managers may have much experience of so, maybe some training or coaching on best practice management would help them with the right skills to successfully hire new staff, or allow them to tactfully and respectfully manage the process of letting them go if you need to downsize.

To successfully hire staff, you should always ensure a new starter lands successfully and starts proving their worth (it’s good for them and you) as soon as possible. A really sound and consistent induction and onboarding programme is essential so that those new employees can quickly get up to speed with the culture and processes within the business, as well as meeting everyone and having time to understand how they fit into the bigger picture.

In the present climate finding good staff that will stay and be productive is a hard task in many industries so ensuring you retain them with a great culture, good processes and are able to motivate them is critical.

There is so much more to HR than ‘hiring and firing’ and we wanted to share a visual with you to demonstrate how many aspects there are within HR and the vastly different ways you could utilise them within your organisation.


So – does your small business really need HR?


Even small businesses need some kind of HR presence.

There are a number of things that human resources professionals can do for a business to drive your bottom line. You’ll save time – and likely money – in the long run by using some kind of HR expertise or online tool right from the start of employing any staff.

Keep in mind – you don’t necessarily need to hire a full HR department.

One person working for a few hours may be able to handle all the day to day HR duties of a small business. You can consider hiring a part-time HR administrator directly, or outsource your HR processes to an organisation like ProAction HR!

Our HR Consultancy means you can choose just those ‘apples’ that you need to add to your HR basket as your organisation evolves.

And if you’re not sure which one, or which combination would really help you to achieve your business goals, why not book a discovery call to find out more.